Fancasting – The Infernal Devices

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In honor of Tessa and Will being our Ship of the Week, I thought I’d do a fancast the Infernal Devices characters with my own choices and other popular choices.

Let’s start with the big three: Tessa Gray, William Herondale and Jem Carstairs.

Tessa Gray


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The internet, well, tumblr, at least, seems to have come to a general consensus on who should play Tessa: french actress Astrid Bergès-Frisbey. She is best known (in America) for her role as in Syrena in Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides. She’s also my pick for Tessa. Something about her face has that soft, wide eyed feel I always pictured Tessa having. Search for Tessa Gray fancast, and all you’ll see is Astrid. She’s truly a unique beauty.

Screen shot 2014-05-09 at 1.22.01 AM

Though it seems almost everyone has agreed Astrid is Tessa, I’ve always fancied Jessica Brown Findley an option. She has the light eyes and dark hair and looks great in period pieces. Perhaps I’ve just watched too much Downton Abbey, but I’d love to see Jessica bring Sybil’s spirit into Tessa!

William Herondale

Screen shot 2014-05-07 at 11.18.53 PM

Douglas Booth in Great Expectations

The internet is a bit more torn when it comes to who should be cast as William Herondale. There are three major contenders for us fangirls. First, we have the 22 year old Brit, Douglas Booth (as pictured above on the cover of Clockwork Prince). Here is Douglas in the BBC adaption of Great Expectations as Pip. You’ll mostly see Douglas in videos as Will, as his role in GE gave editors ample footage of him in 19th century attire. Douglas is my pick for William Herondale anyday!

Aaron Taylor Johnson in Albert Nobbs

Aaron Taylor Johnson in Albert Nobbs

Next, we have the lovely 23 year old englishman Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Aaron is probably best known for his role in Kick Ass and his upcoming role in Godzilla (ugh). Anyway, Aaron is a favorite for graphic editors. Unfortunately, in the past year, Aaron has grown gained a much beefier, more jock like physique, that might not work for Will. When Aaron was younger, however, he definitely had a Herondale look about him. Most photoshopers use younger photos of him, such as screencaps of him in Albert Nobbs, from 2011.

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Our last contendor is slightly less used in graphics and edits. Joshua Anthony Brand is a 20 year old model from Leeds. To my knowledge, he has never acted, but he does have  those brilliant bright blue eyes that anyone playing Will would need! This lovely edit by the-manilia-institue.tumblr features Joshua in 19th century attire. He’s definitely got the look, but could he act?

Jem Carstairs

Popular image of Anthony as Jem

Popular image of Anthony as Jem

Jem’s phsyical distriptions make him very hard to cast. As you may have noticed, literally no one has silver hair and silver eyes. Alas, photoshop! Video editors and graphic editors agree, however, that the 27 year old mandopop singer Anthony Neely is the best choice for Jem Carstairs. Firstly, he is half caucasian and half asian, as Jem is. Secondly, he can speak both English and Mandarin, as is Jem. Thirdly, thanks to photoshop, he can pull off silver hair! And the coolest part is he has showed interest in playing the role! He’s tweeted with Cassie Clare about it and said he will read the books!

Jessamine Lovelace 

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I have really only seen Jessamine portrayed by one actress by most editors, be it photoshop or videos: the 25 year old british actress Gabriella Wilde. You may have recently seen her in Endless Love along side Alex Pettyfer (wait, did anyone actually see that?) Anyway, she has the dainty, girly look that is perfect for Jessamine. You may also recognize her from Three Muskateers (the one with Logan Lerman), as most people use screenshots from her in that film to depict Jessamine.


Gemma in Tess of d’urbervilles

Charlotte Branwell

I’ve mostly see one actress cast as Charlotte Branwell nee Fairchild, but recently I’ve noticed one more becoming popular. First we will start with Gemma Arterton. Editors love to use photos of her from the 2008 mini-series Tess of D’Urbervilles (based on the novel), as it’s set in the 19th century. I think they tried to make her look plain in the miniseries, but she’s still beautiful.


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The other actress I’ve noticed being used in more and more edits is Jenna Louise Coleman. After the first episode featuring Clara Oswald (The Snowmen) aired, showing the British actress as a nanny in victorian England, artists have began using her as Charlotte, and  I have to admit, I really like it! Jenna has also played in another victorian piece, that editors also use in their graphics. They are both great choices!

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Henry Branwell

Ohhh Henry, lovable old Henry. Well, two actors seem to reign most popular in the editing world. Firstly, the 32 year old british actor Eddie Redmayne. Eddie starred alongside Gemma Arterton in Tess of D’Urbervilles, which I think is originally why artists picked him out for Henry. Anyway, he definitely has the look, but can Eddie pull off the aloofness of Henry?

Simon in Pride and Prejudice

Simon in Pride and Prejudice

The second choice for Henry is Simon Woods, who played Mr. Bingley in the 2005 adaption of Pride and Prejudice. Granted, Simon would have to return to his pervious red hair (he usually has short, light hair). He seems to be a more popular choice than Eddie, at least for graphics. He has such a charming, friendly smile! He’s my pick for Henry!

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Sophie Collins

I’ve only really seen one actress who is consecutively used as the face of Sophie in graphics: Felicity Jones. The english actress has been in many projects, but she played a main character in Like Crazy back in 2011. Most graphics feature her from back in 2007, when she played Catherine in Northanger Abbey (TV movie). She may be a bit old now, but back in 2007 she was the perfect Sophie! Even when editors photoshopped the scar onto her cheek, she was still lovely!

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Gabriel Lightwood

The fandom seems to be to be much more torn when it comes to the Lightwood brothers. Because there are so many different choices for fancasts, I’m just going to do my favorite (otherwise we’d be here all day). You’ll see Max Irons through around a lot as the face of many different YA characters, including the role of Jared Howe in the Host, of which he actually played. Sadly, Max has said he wouldn’t want to be in a YA franchise [again]. Anyway, here’s Max as Gabriel (to be fair, I’ve seen him fancast as both the Lightwood boys).

Screen shot 2014-05-09 at 1.03.19 AM

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Gideon Lightwood

Our first, and last, and well, only american male actor on the list is Hunter Parrish! This is an actor I’d like to see in more stuff; someone, give this boy a franchise! He nearly got the role of Peeta in THG but lost to his RV co-star Josh Hutcherson. His face seems to come up the most when you search for Gideon on tumblr, but there is a mess of other faces as well. He is my pick, however!

Kaya in Wuthering Heights

Kaya in Wuthering Heights

Cecily Herondale

Two faces come to mind when deciding who to fancast (is dreamcast a better word?) as Cecily Herondale. The majority of edits pick Kaya Scordelario (at least, a few years ago, new editors have chosen a new actress!), most likely because of her bright blue Herondale eyes. The 22 year old brit is a fast rising star, and will be seen next alongside Dylan O’brien in the adaption of The Maze Runner! Kaya might be a bit old now, but she sure has Herondale attributes!

The second face of Cecily Herondale has been showing up more and more in graphics on the web: Idina Eisley is a 22 year old American who looks much younger than 22. Her giant blue eyes probably are the cause of that. Her baby face makes her an ideal candidate for playing such a young role.

Woooooeee that was a lot of characters! I see no need to cast Magnus, as he’s technically already been cast, played by the wonderful Godfrey Gao (did they dub over him? yeah i think they did). One can only hope we’d actually get a Infernal Devices series, but after how TMI did at the box office, it seems unlikely (though I think TID is much better than TMI). Alas, all we can do is dream!

Who are your picks to portray these characters? Tell us in the comments below!



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