The Iron Fey Series By Julie Kagawa Review

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The Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa

The Iron Fey series (books in order: The Iron King, The Iron Daughter, The Iron Queen, and The Iron Knight) is about a teenage girl, Meghan Chase, who discovers a secret fantastical realm teeming with mythological creatures, magic, and an ancient rivalry between two different races of Faeries. After her younger brother Ethan is kidnapped and a changeling put in his place, she must journey into this realm to find him. She finds much more than her brother there. A shocking discovery is made, she is the daughter of Oberon, King of the Summer Fey, the terrifying race of Fey who admire love beauty above all else and whose realm in a state of eternal summer. Their bitter enemy is the Winter Fey, who oppose them in every way. Meghan can’t help falling for the mysterious and tortured soul that is the Prince Ash, of the Winter Court. After striking a bargain with this dark prince to help her find her brother, a reluctant attraction occurs that blooms into a forbidden love as the Summer and Winter courts are sworn enemies. However, as their journey begins, a new and stronger enemy emerges- one that is more powerful and dangerous than either summer or winter: The iron court. A very steampunk realm created from human’s overreliance on technology, it threatens winter and summer alike. Only Meghan has the power to stop them, but stopping them means losing the person she has come to love most, who will go to the end of the Earth to find a way for them to be together.

Overall, I really loved this series. It’s definitely for those of us who have an imagination because the world is amazing. I loved the ancient rivalry between the Summer and Winter Courts, it had a medieval feel to it. (Personally, I am PROUD Winter Fey :D) Fans of Shakespeare will find many characters from A Midsummer Night’s Dream like Robin Goodfellow, Queen Titania, and King Oberon adapted in a fresh way. These books are based on a lot of Celtic mythology… IT’S AWESOME. For me, the world was by far the best part. The story itself is sweet and pretty simple. I would categorize it as younger young adult although it does get more complex as the series goes on. The main character, Meghan, is a wholesome character who strives to do the right thing. Prince Ash is, of course, swoon-worthy and tortured and beautiful and torn and I love him and… haha you get the point. I liked the contrast between Meghan and Ash, she was light and he was dark. Overall, I am in love with the world of this series and I am also really crazy about the sequel series The Iron Fey: Call of the forgotten, but I’ll leave that fangirling for another day!

Check the first book out here on goodreads!



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