Viewers are mad at Clarke Griffin [The 100]

This post features slight spoilers from Season 4 of The 100, Episode 10: Die All, Die Merrily.


Yeah, be mad at Clarke. We are supposed to be mad at Clarke.

The heart of the show is moral ambiguity: no one is inherently “good” or “evil.” Like Clarke said, “maybe there are no good guys.” The line between hero and villain is very, very blurry.

We have seen arc’s that portray Trikru as the antagonists. We have seen the Mountain men be the antagonists. We have seen Ice Nation be the antagonists. We have seen technology be the antagonists.

It was about damn time we saw Clarke, we saw Skaikru, become the antagonists.

As a viewer, we are closes to Skaikru. They are the most like us; they are the ones we have been following since the beginning. The Grounders have always been the “other.” They have always been foreign to us. They have always difficult for us to understand their motives, as their world is much more brutal than ours.

But since this show is about no one being the “good guys” or the “bad guys” it was about time for us, the viewers, and Skaikru to take a turn at being the antagonist. That’s what the show is about right? Ethical dilemmas. Morality. Humanity. We are not perfect. We make mistakes, we do horrible things, sometimes we are the antagonists of someone else’s story.

Clarke, in the end, always makes the best decision. I wouldn’t say she is perfect, but her decisions seem to always be the most altruistic. Even when she was about to risk Emori, at the last minute she decided to risk herself instead.

It’s about damn time Clarke made a mistake like this, thinking she’s doing the right thing. How many times have wee seen other characters do the same thing? Even Cage thought he was doing the right thing. It’s about damn time Skaikru became the antagonists and the Grounders became the protagonists.

Because that’s how life is, just like the show, it’s grey. We may be the protagonists of our own story, but that does not mean we are not the antagonists in someone else’s. And the show has finally decided to show that; by putting the group that the viewer most closely aligns with in the wrong.


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