The 100 Season 4 Finale Prediction

*spoilers up to 4×12*

Woooooow was 4×12 intense. And, at times, hard to watch.

First of all, it’s incredibly sad the way that Skaikru had to handle their people. Gassing them and dragging the non-chosen out? And, of course, it broke my heart to see that one redshirt father be taken from his son.

Was Jaha right?

Well, maybe in a logical sense. Skaikru was more prepared to handle the bunker’s logistics than the grounders, but does that mean their lives are worth more? That’s what I love about this show: the ethical dilemmas and concepts are never ending.

In the end, Jaha saw Kane’s altruistic reason. Nonetheless, Kane was heartbroken to do what “needed to be done” as they always say.

In terms of the delinquents, I did not see this twist coming. All of them going to space? In that tiny rocket? I guess at this point they don’t have much choice, as they don’t have enough time to return to the bunker, and even if they did, not all of them would make the lottery. (Also: Abby saying she isn’t essential? She’s a fucking doctor!)

So, knowing what we know, I have two theories about what will happen to each group.

I think the show is definitely headed toward a 5 year time jump (at this point it doesn’t seem like there is any logical way to stop the Deathwave), but how will they handle it?

The Bunker
Okay, so. I think once the “non-100” are locked out, be it Skaikru or the other clans, they will stay there. The door will shut, and the Deathwave will come. So- how are they going to make this storyline interesting if it’s just a bunch of people locked in a bunker for 5 years?

I think they will discover Becca and Bill Cadogan (the leader of the second dawn) in hypersleep in a cryochamber in the bunker. After all, Gaia mentioned that the bunker was the “first commander’s crypt” and we can assume Becca was the first commander (considering when she landed she was wearing a space suit that said ‘commander’ and she had what would become ‘the flame’).

So, now, the viewers will be left with Becca and Bill Cadogan (and perhaps others) joining them in the bunker for the next five years, while also thinking that the group who set out to save Raven perished. Interesting enough.

The Delinquents

Going into space, eh? Coming full circle by joining the Arc again? Well, I didn’t see that coming.

So, let’s just say they all go into space via the rocket and are able to reach what’s left of the Arc prior to the deathwave. Assuming there is going to be a five year jump, are we supposed to assume that the delinquents are going to be left alone on a spaceship for 5 years? It would be like Real World: The Arc.

This show is rooted in character development, and to deny us 5 years of the delinquents living in close quarters together doesn’t seem like a move the show would pull.

So what else? They need to get off earth?

The show has briefly mentioned a mining penal colony ship that’s out there, somewhere in space, in the past two season. In 4×01, a news clipping about the colony can be seen.

Why put it in the background? Why mention it in passing? It obviously is going to have a reason.

Perhaps the reason is that they delinquents will encounter their ship when they go to space.

Maybe, after the arc failed and crashed on earth, the colony ship decided to come back to Earth’s orbit to see what happened. It would make much more sense, character development wise, to have the delinquents be living in a society for 5 years instead of alone, only with each other.

I’m sad to see a 5 year jump happen because the character development on this show is so beautiful, but at the same time I’m excited to see these characters as young adults instead of teenagers.

May we meet again!


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