How will The 100 Season 5 End?

I can’t believe we are on the last three episodes already. It’s just… wow that went fast, and somehow slow, all at the same time.

So what’s left?

5×11- The Dark Year (this article was written pre-SDCC screening)
5×12- Damocles Part I
5×13- Damocles Part II

It’s been a very turbulent season, along with some stagnant moments. Interesting how those two can coincide so neatly along side one and other…

First I think we should reference how heavy this season has been with biblical and Roman references. Between “Eden”, the “Serpent promo” (featuring Octavia and Diyoza as two snakes in Eden), to Zeke’s full name (Ezekiel) and the casual dropping of “Adam and Eve” in last night’s episode, we’ve seen a LOT of biblical allusions. Second to that has been historical (mainly Roman) allusions, which is inevitable with a myth nerd like Bellamy in the show: The Sword of Damocles, Sic Semper Tyrannis, Octavia reading Metamorphoses by Ovid. Which brings us to…


At this point, I think it’s pretty safe to say Eden might not be around much longer. There are so many potential threats. The worms. The war. Octavia. McCreary, and this little tidbit we saw in Diyoza’s book.

It appears the Sword of Damocles (which, in short, is an anecdote about a physical sword constantly hanging over the head of a ruler, ready to fall or be cut at any time) was originally not referencing Octavia, or Diyoza, or even Commander Madi, but was a threat to the leaders of the pre-apocalypse earth. Diyoza writes:

*blurred out paragraph*

And today we bring you to reckoning.

Stand down as we approach. Allow us safe landing and reintegration back into our former lives or we will release the full payload of our mining operation into every capital building of every country that defies us. 1700 tons of fuel that will level and burn the cities where you hide behind policies and lies.

The Sword of Damocles hangs over your head only by the thread of our mercy, so choose your response wisely. Should you refuse, you and all of your profits will be reduced to dust when blue hell fire rains from the sky.

Your fate rests in your own hands.

All we ask for is a second chance, peace is up to you.

Quite honestly, one could argue Diyoza’s notes are a perfect parallel to this season as a whole (also note her use of “hell” & “peace is up to you”).

Anyway, on the left page, you can see “Launch Codes” and a series of numbers below it, along with a bunch of drawings of what look like some sort of bomb.

I’m honestly surprised they showed us this much, as it’s so, so telling, not only in what was supposed to happen, but what will happen.

Clearly, when Diyoza and her mutinous crew were on their way back to Earth, she had a plan to offer the leaders of the earth an ultimatum: let them return in peace, or she will destroy you with 1700 tons of fuel.

And now that book is in McCreary’s hands.

That fact, by itself, doesn’t bode well for what will happen to Eden. Diyoza has the plans in her head, I’m sure, but she’s too smart to do anything to destroy the valley.

Here’s where we have to look from a writing perspective. At this point in the story, the writers have written themselves into a hole. The world is small (like literally, one valley), and the amount of humans and potential characters is also small. There’s not much else to do with this storyline if it remains so small – especially when this show had continuously grew its world for four seasons, of which it greatly benefited from. Now, we have limited setting, limited characters and limited options. They have to write themselves into a bigger world. So how will they go about that?

By destroying Eden.

I’d assume it’d be McCreary, but at this point, who knows exactly who or how it will happen. Diyoza’s journal could simply be a very detailed red herring. But mark my words, by the end of this season – Eden will be destroyed.

Put that thought on hold, and let’s explore what will happen to our beloved delinquents with no place on Earth to inhabit.

The Cryopods

Let’s not forget those awesome pieces of technology that let humans survive over hundreds of years while they travel through space (and time, kinda) that are in working order aboard the Eligius ship.

Once there is no Eden, it no longer becomes a fight for Earth. It becomes a fight for the Pods.

I’ll be honest, I’m not sure who is going to survive the final battle, but whichever of our beloved delinquents (and co.) do survive, they will end up in these Pods. (Sidebar: I think Zeke is safe because the biblical Ezekiel is known for laying on his side for hundreds of days for some reason I don’t really get – but it works for foreshadowing laying in a cryochamber!)

But where (or when) will they go?

That brings us to…

The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil/The Tree of Life

Monty’s tree.

RIP the hydrofarm, though I would like to point out – burning is a symbol of purification and rebirth.

Anyway, back to the bible and what not. We know that at least one of Monty’s trees survived, and it was no coincidence that Octavia referred to Harper and Monty as “Adam and Eve in Eden”. We also know that Monty briefly explained to Wonkru that through that tree, they can make the soil sustainable again.

The delinquents (and co.) will get the cyropods, hop safely into space and sleep for… *drumroll please*

100 YEARS!

I mean, that’s appropriate, right? Anyhow, there will be people left on earth. Not everyone will make it into a cryopod. A mix of Wonkru and the Eligiuskru are left behind, I’d assume.

But Monty’s tree will be the Tree of Life that brings the beginning of Earth’s second coming. As our delinquents and co. sleep in their cryopods, the humans left on earth will create a new Eden with Monty’s tree, that will refurbish the Earth and make it habitable and sustainable.

But 100 years is a long time.

And it’s like Diyoza’s book said, “all we ask is for a second chance.”

The “Big Twist” and Shannon Kook

Jason teased that the end of this season has a HUGE twist:

I think the twist at the end of this season is bigger than anything we’ve done in the past, let’s put it that way. It could set us up for a long run.

Okay. This is pretty telling. So he’s saying this is BIGGER than a six year time jump twist AND that it’s going to set the writers up for a long run? Sounds like they are going to be expanding their world.

Some have suggested that the delinquents will use the cryopods and the ship to go to another planet, and yes that would be very sci-fi, and would also expand the world in a HUGE way, but I think it would actually expand the world a little too big, and that it would erase all the themes of “Earth” and “the ground” that have been critical in the first 5 seasons. It just seems like way too big of a deviation.

Instead, I think it’s heading towards a new society on a reborn earth. It stays in line with the biblical and Earth themes of the show, and completely sets them up for a much longer run, as it gives the writers a huge new world and cast of characters while staying true to the original heart of the show: an Earth reborn.

Lastly, it’s also been teased that actor Shannon Kook will appear in the season finale, and that his character is largely relevant to season six. But where could a new character come from with such a small world and small groups?

I suspect the very end of the finale will be the delinquents waking up in a new society and there will be Shannon Kook: future season six regular. BOOM. OUT.

Perhaps he’s someone’s great grandchild? Harper and Monty perhaps? Them staying behind to be the Adam and Eve of the new Eden and going on to have children would be a perfect ending for them… though I’m not ready to see them go!

The Bellarke Quilt

Tumblr: BellarkeSource

Now that you’ve got an idea of what I think will be coming in the last few episodes, let’s weave in our favorite relationship: Bellarke. You know I wouldn’t leave you hangin’!

Firstly, I would like to reiterate I wrote this before the San Diego Comic Con screening of The Dark Year, but by the promo – it looks like Abby feels very guilty of what happened in the bunker (*cough* cannibalism *cough*) and blames herself as she relays the story to Clarke.

I wondered why they would have this flashback so late in the season. I mean so late. Right before the penultimate? There must be a reason.

Of course it could be that they wanted us to truly think Octavia was lost after clearly choosing Bloodreina in The Warriors Will before giving us the full backstory of what happened in the bunker to empathize with her, but I think it’s more than that.

I think they will use this episode to parallel Abby’s guilt about the bunker with Clarke’s guilt of leaving Bellamy to die while she was in full ~hEaRt MoDe~.

As we have such little time for the huge Bellarke rift to be brought back together, I’m expecting Clarke to have a bit of a breakdown or coming to terms with what she’s done in 5×11. It’d be a perfect time, as it seems like much of the next episode is going to be surrounding internal guilt, not just Abby’s but Octavia’s as well.

I strongly believe that Bellarke’s story this entire season has been building to one big explosion: a hashing-it-out-fest, if you will. Bob Morley said at a con that this season was rough for Bellakers, “but that ending…”. We also know Bob has said that he regards one of the scenes with Eliza this season as one of his best and that there wasn’t a dry eye on set – “it was really intense”.

We have definitely not seen that scene yet.

I expect that will be the Bellarke explosion. I’m talking yelling, tears, angst, confessions (like some certain radio calls that were so blatantly not said over a fireside chat that it’s obvious the writers are going to bring it back up at some point) and HONEST EMOTIONS. This entire season, and the time jump, has been building toward the two of them having an honest conversation about what they have done to each other, about what they have done for each other, about how they feel about each other.

It wasn’t even the scenes and plots between the two of them that have been driving towards that moment. It was written into scenes where it was not necessary. It was even made apparent by the conscious choices made by the directors and camera work. In this essay I will,

haha, just kidding. But seriously, see below*:

-Bellamy: “nothing will change [on the ground]” (*looks into the camera like i’m on the office*
-Diyoza: “the hostage taker and his girlfriend”
-Bellamy AND Clarke: “the heart and the head” (like really, their own fucking ship name?)
-Octavia: “a traitor, who you love” (comparing Clarke to Echo)
-Madi: recognizing him from Clarke’s drawings, telling him Clarke will never forgive him, and just constantly reminding Clarke she left him behind


clarke becho



*please remember this is only a list of moments that I deem not necessary to the scene

(Aside from my normal argument that the writers have created too many parallels and spent too much time on their relationship and invested so much of the viewer’s emotions to NOT have it payoff romantically as one of the best love stories every told, I’ll stick to this season only. ish.)

I’m not expecting a kiss or sex or anything physical, but I am fully expecting Bellarke to move from the platonic camp firmly into the romantic camp. Be it Clarke confessing the radio calls, or Bellamy expressing that he couldn’t let her die again, some emotional revelation will come out in their reconciliation scene and it will change everything.

One important thing to note, we have not seen this yet:

It could be as simple as Clarke telling Echo she left Bellamy to die, but I doubt it (though I do have a potential idea that Bellamy gets infected by the worms and this scene may have something to do with that but I’ll leave that in Loose Ends at the bottom).

Once Echo finds out that Bellamy poisoned Octavia to save Clarke’s life, it will be the beginning of the end for Becho. First of all, I think Echo is too prideful to stay in a relationship with someone who she suspects isn’t 100% committed. Secondly, being in a relationship with Echo would mean that IF it were to come down to Bellamy having to chose between saving Echo’s life or Clarke’s life (no I don’t think or want this to happen, but stay with me) do we, as viewers, understand and believe why he would chose Echo? That’s his girlfriend. He loves her. He should pick her. But that’s not how the writers have set it up. That’s not how we as viewers would perceive it. Narratively, it wouldn’t make sense. 

As I said, I do not expect that to happen, but for those Bellarke shippers that are super down and frustrated, have hope! The Bellarke reconciliation is coming!

But even I, as a hardXcore Bellarke shipper, do not want them to get together this season after everything that’s happened, because this isn’t how I want it to happen. This isn’t how they deserve it to happen.

Here is where I think Bellarke parallels the story of this season: this season has been all about barely surviving. The Eligiuskru is sick and desperate to survive their illness, Wonkru is desperate to survive the bunker (even enough to eat themselves?) while the hydrofarm is barely feeding them, Spacekru is trying to survive coming back to the ground and being split apart into these new dangerous factions, and Clarke nearly killed herself before finding Eden.

Bellarke, too, has been barely surviving. We’ve gotten glimpses of them working together almost as seamless as prior to the time jump, but then we’ve also seen their communication break down so horrendously that Bellamy complete’s Clarke’s worst nightmare of putting the Flame in Madi’s head.

Bellarke is barely surviving. The planet is barely surviving. The factions are barely surviving, but by the end of this season, everything will begin to grow again.

Bellarke will have their reconciliation, their uproar of raw emotions, and that is when their barely surviving relationship will begin to grow again. Eden will be destroyed but Monty’s plant will begin to heal the earth and it will grow again. The factions will be split and some won’t survive, but in the end society will grow from the new Eden and (eventually) the pods.

Next season’s plot will be about rebirth and growth, not death, and it will parallel Bellarke’s relationship being reborn and growing and blossoming. That’s where I want Bellarke to come together. Not in a season of death and miscommunication and trying to find each other again, but a season where they can truly build upon their true emotions and what they mean to each other – not what they mean to their new factions.

So basically, I think this season will take Bellarke from platonic to romantic, but not physically. I think it will plant the seed, if you will, for them to grow and blossom into a full, beautiful relationship next season.

Loose ends

The Flame & Becca Burning – um. well. this is interesting. I’m fine with the flame being back, I think it created an interesting power struggle between Madi and Octavia and made Madi even more interesting… but Becca burning? It seems very out of place in this season… but I’m still SO INTERESTED. So is this how the Flame got its name? Why did they burn her and where does it fit in this story, as we leave the bunker behind? Let’s look at what Madi said in her fever dream/memory as Becca:

Cadogan please, you’re making a mistake. I can save you. I can save all of you. With my serum you won’t have to live in the bunker anymore. The Flame can change everything. You think he’s saving you but he’s killing you!

Cadogan? The maker of the bunker? Again? I really don’t see how this plays into the story at the moment, nor does any of this seem like new information… but I’m HERE FOR IT!

The Worms – CLARKE YOU DROP THEM IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE? I mean yes, that’s their home. I guess. But WOW are they dangerous. Perhaps as eggs they can’t live outside the human body and will die, but they way the camera panned down on them… I doubt we’ve seen the last of the worms. One idea I toyed with was how they so clearly show Bellamy cut by Indra in the pit, which was a conscious choice by the director, and that seems like a pretty easy way to get infected if you come across a pile of worms. My only thought is that it would cause Clarke to have to save him and also face her guilt and emotions for him at the same time. Hence the crying scene with Echo? Maybe, probably not, but maybe. It’d be a good one shot. Someone write it. Anyhow, the worms will be back. Mark my words!

Update: Eligius III – I totally forgot about Eligius III! It’s been mentioned twice now this season so it’s quite possible they will show up to fuck things up later on this season. All we really know is that the ship contained Nightbloods. Perhaps they will play into the Commander storyline?

Yikes okay I think that’s all my thoughts for the moment but…. to be continued.




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