Roundup of the Best Bellarke Moments at #SDCC

The Bellarke Fandom today:

i live

Wow were us Blarkes fed today!! I’ve complied a list the highlights of Bellarke moments brought to us by the great Bob & Eliza at San Diego Comic Con 2018 today!

In no particular order:

When asked specifically if the radio calls will be addressed: 

Screen Shot 2018-07-21 at 7.17.12 PM

*Long pause, laughs*
Bob: “I don’t think we can really say too much to that can we?”
Eliza: “I don’t think so…”

When answering fan questions on FacebookLive

Screen Shot 2018-07-21 at 7.27.31 PM

Fan: “Obviously Clarke spent the last 2,199 days radioing Bellamy, but he doesn’t have a clue. Then in episode 5×08 Octavia sentenced Clarke to death, which leads to Bellamy going in that room to poison his sister, but before he can do it, Octavia reminds Bellamy that he loves Clarke. Will these two ever have a chance to talk about why they did these things, or even tell each other that they did these things? Thanks!”
Bob: “There’s a lot packed into that question.”
Eliza: “That was a lot.”
Bob: “Will they have a chance to talk about it? Um…”
Eliza: “Now we have to think…”
Bob: “Well that’s the thing. Anything beyond this gets into spoiler territory, which sucks for you, because obviously we wont be able to tell you, but I actually do think that the topic is approached in a way they don’t expect. I don’t know id you remember how that all works out, but it is addressed.”
Eliza: “It’s addressed.”

Fan Favorites Panel’s first question is about Bellarke:

“You guys are our only ship on the panel” *talks more blah blah*
Moderator: “You guys are coming up to a finale, I’ve seen it-”
Eliza: “Oh have you?”
Bob: “Oh really? I haven’t” *Crowd laughs*
Moderator: “I’m not going to spoil anything but what can you tell us about where the characters are heading?”
Eliza: “It’s an emotional rollercoaster, to say the least.”
Bob: “Obviously we are heading to the big battle for Eden and how that resolves itself, you’ll have to wait and see. Personally, the characters and their emotions and that…”
Eliza: “It’s pretty emotional, it’s crazy. It’s heartbreaking.”
Bob: “Yeah, it’s a heartfelt finale so… I don’t know what else we can really say…”
Moderator: “Yeah you can’t spoil to much cus trust me… you aren’t ready… you’re just not, I wasn’t, I was like, wait what? oh!”

Fan Favorite’s Panel when asked about their favorite scenes:

Bob: “I think the one [Eliza] and I are most excited for people seeing is the one in the finale.”
Eliza: “Yeah, the finale”
Bob: “And it’s not just trying to plug the new season, it’s actually one of favorite scenes.”
Eliza: “It was yeah, it’s something we are really proud of and we gelled really well and I think everyone is going to feel that.”

When asked about why the Bellarke relationship is so special:

Interviewer: “You know the Bellamy and Clarke relationship is so important to the fans…”
Eliza: “Yes.”
Interviewer: “Can you talk about why that relationship is so special on the show?”
Eliza: “I mean I think we work really well together and so do our characters so it’s just their chemistry-”
Bob: “Yeah and I don’t think it’s just necessarily important to fans, it’s important to us.”

They go on to agree that when the characters are together they are usually “working towards the greater good”, whereas when they are split they make “some bad choices.”

When asked about their character’s ethical choices in the IGN interview:

Screen Shot 2018-07-21 at 8.20.34 PM

Bob: “I think episode 8 and 9 – the ones that have aired – where you know, you slap me in the face, there’s some big [ethical decisions] that have already happen that kind of tee up the rest of the season.”
Eliza: “Yeah.”
 “Those ones are the big turning points, I fell, for my character.”
Eliza: “Yeah. I can’t say anything, it would spoil it.”

Also they both referenced “together” and it was adorable. 

During the TVline interview:

bellarke interview


Interviewer: “Has your thoughts about the relationship changed at all?”
Eliza: “Our thoughts? we just know we don’t have any control over it.”
Bob: “I do think they grow each season and get stronger together.”
Eliza: “Yeah, they have a deep respect and love for each other, for sure.”
Interviewer: “Your characters really have been so up and down with each other through the series. Do you have a favorite stand out moment?”
Eliza: “I think our season finale coming up is uh… that was a real moment.”
Bob: “Yeah I think it’s one of the better scenes that we’ve done. And it isn’t just to plug the new season.”
Eliza: “No, it really was.”
Bob: “It’s one that I think we really both got emotionally involved with, which is great.”
Eliza: “Yeah, I pick that.”
Interviewer: “Would you call it heartbreaking? heart wrenching.”
Bob & Eliza: “mm yeah, definitely.”

Bonus: Eliza on the slap, “that felt good.”

BONUS: how cute is this tho

Screen Shot 2018-07-21 at 8.28.54 PM

Feel free to TWEET me if there’s anything I’ve missed that you think should be on here. I’ll be updating throughout the day if anything else happens!

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