Everything we learned about The 100 Season 6 at NYCC

  • Season 6 will start right where season 5 left off
  • Not everyone is going to the group at first. Looks like they are sending a patrol of Clarke, Bellamy, Murphy, Echo, Emori, Miller, Jackson and Shaw.
  • “We really are changing everything and the show is so different,” Jason Rothenberg said. The new (still unnamed) planet is “alive and lush” – unlike Earth.
  • Jason said that we will start to see the world from the perspective of our heroes, but we will begin to see it from the perspective of the new inhabitants.
  • Jason says that they’re trying to keep a lot of things a secret. They counter some things in this new world that will be surprising, but they can’t talk about it yet.
  • It sounds like Bellarke will ACTUALLY be working together. (via @yanawrites)
  • Eliza said Clarke “holds a lot of guilt” regarding her decisions last season, and that Clarke will have very different challenges this season. Clarke will try to make amends with “a lot of people”
  • Jason said “Eliza Taylor is challenged in a way this year she hasn’t been and I’m excited to see what she does with it”
  • Bob Morley will direct 6×11
  • He may have convinced Eliza Taylor to also direct an episode
  • There will be new clothes!
  • Jason said about Bellarke: “The more we put these two together, the better.” and Eliza or Bob said “I agree”
  • Bellamy and Echo are still together -_-
  • We will get more of Echo’s backstory.
  • Eliza said: “I think one good thing about this season is there’s more conversation and dealing with the things we maybe skipped over last season.”
  • Eliza said that she is facing something very challenging, which she can’t reveal, in season six.
  • Bob said it’s going to take a lot for Bellamy & Octavia to get back to the place where they see each other as brother and sister.

First look photos below:



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